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SAVONA Excursion

Just a few minutes from the capital of Liguria, Savona, the 'Torretta city' is a pearl rich in history, from the hill of Priamar where the famous fortress stands its 'carruggi' where you can find the main points of artistic interest.

The promenade joins it to Albisola, famous for its ceramics since the end of the 15th century, a short change of route leads us to the discovery of the most beautiful Ligurian beaches in Bergeggi, Spotorno and Varigotti.

At Savona you can visit the Fortezza del Priamar, an impressive military complex dominating the city center at the port, Leon Querardo Tower or Quarda Tower, commonly called 'Torretta', is a medieval tower on the port of Savona, at the entrance of the central Via Paleocapa, and is considered the symbol of the city and take a tour of the historic center.

Departures from

Genoa: duration 4 or 7 hours starting from € 250,00

Departures from

Savona: duration 4 or 7 hours starting from € 250,00

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